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White beads, white handles - like a dream come true. Want to learn how to perform tricks like the mic release and mamba? For freestyle tricks that require you to release one handle and spin the rope in the air before catching it back again, Beaded Ropes are the way to go. The heavier weight of the beads provide essential feedback for learning releases, and are great for basic jumps too! If you're looking for your Dream Rope, this may be The One



Wings Beaded Ropes are designed to provide better stability and control over your rope while in rotation. The Beaded Rope keeps the rope from tangling during low rotation speed, allowing beginners to "learn the ropes" at a slower pace and to improve on their form.


Beaded Ropes are also perfect choice for freestyle jumprope. Each bead on the rope provide a balanced weight distribution, so that you can perform tricks easily. Tricky Releases? No problem! Complicated Footwork? A piece of cake! Wings Beaded Rope provides great feedback in your hand, making the rope feels like an extension of yourself, so that you can jump freely and maneuver effectively.



4mm Weaved Nylon features a strong core spliced together with multiple nylon strands that provide excellent tensile strength without encumbering users with weight. An additional weaved nylon layer provides extra protection against wear and tear even in rugged and consistent use. 



Wings Rope handles are carefully curated for our users. Our signature handles are designed with comfort in mind. Rounded edges and corners ensures that the handles are comfortable in your bare hand. Chamfered step at the end of the handles provide better grip and traction on your hand so it would not slip out of your hands easily.


Wings handles are made with high-durablity grade polypropelene that provide excellent shock-absorption and shatter-proofing. So, you can rest easy while you're improving on your releases: our handles can take a good amount of beating!


Our handles are beautiful to look at as well. Minimalistic profile of the handle simply look good in your hands and compliments you well in every situation. Lasermarked logo ensures that our carefully design aesthetics stay on even with regular usage and gripping.


  • White Beaded Rope with White Handles

    Beads: 80-90 pcs per rope

    Beads Material: High Strength Polypropelene

    Beads Length: 1-inch (25.4mm) per bead

    Length: 10 ft

    Weight: 125g

    Cord Thickness: 4 mm (black)

    Cord Type: Multi-strand Weaved Nylon

    Handle Material: High Strength Polypropelene

    Handle Length: 5.375 inches (132mm)


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