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One day, I was jumping, caught a taste of Pink Venom, and I've never stopped jumping since. Let Black-Pink Thick PVC Rope be your statement piece and be the brightest shooting stars among the ordinary.


Looking to increase your Cardio Workout Load to help burn fat effectively and build your core and muscles at the same time? You might want to consider using Wings Think PVC Rope in your jumprope workout routine to bring you extra weight as you jump!



Wings Thick PVC Rope has thicker 6.8mm PVC cord with the same high tensile nylon core that gives strength and durability to our PVC Ropes. It is designed to provide greater resistance in high-speed rotations without breaking or snapping. The heavier cord also provide greater stability when you jump so you can focus on your workout.


Wings PVC Rope is designed and manufactured to have a uniform weight distribution along its length. Our material choice aims to strike a balance between strength and elasticity, which helps prevent frequent tangling and twisting. This also allows you to maintain a consistent rhythm and momentum throughout your jumprope workout, improving your coordination and endurance.


Wings PVC Rope is designed to bend and coil without losing its shape or performance. This means you can spend less time "warming up" your rope and more time getting in your groove! Each end of our rope is held together with quick-release clasp so you can adjust the length of your rope according to your height and preference quickly. This way, you can customize your rope to fit your needs and goals.



Wings Thick PVC Rope increases in weight as it rotates. This means that it requires more effort and energy to swing it around your body, which engages more muscles in your legs, arms, core, and shoulders. You’ll get a more intense and effective workout with this jumprope.


Wings Thick PVC Rope comes in various color combinations, giving you plenty of options to choose from. You can match your rope with your outfit, mood, or theme, adding some flair and personality to your jumprope workout. Wings PVC Rope is our most affordable and versatile rope to get you started on your fitness and fun time. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, with Wings PVC Rope perform different jumprope exercises that target different muscle groups. You can also mix up your jumprope routine with some bodyweight exercises for a more challenging and comprehensive workout.


So don’t settle for any ordinary jump rope. Get yourself a Wings Thick PVC Rope today and enjoy the benefits of jumping rope like never before!


  • Pink Thick PVC Rope with Black Handles

    Length: 10 ft

    Weight: 175g

    Cord Thickness: 6.8 mm (Pink)

    Cord Type: PVC with High Tensile Nylon Core

    Handle Material: High Strength Polypropelene

    Handle Length: 5.375 inches (132mm)

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