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wings fam

It started with two of us, then three, then it grew into a crowd that had more than our regular jump spot could handle. Before we knew it, we had unexpectedly sparked a movement.

- Why did people come and join us? 

Some simply wanted a cardio activity to lose weight, some were introduced by friends, and others were passerbys who were intrigued by flying ropes and big smiles.

- But why did they stay?

We suppose it is because freestyle Jumping Rope has a particular spell over everyone who picks it up. It is mesmerising to watch and addicting to learn. There is a rush of dopamine every time you unlock a new skill, and there are never ending tricks that are possible with a rope. But more than that, it also unites people in ways that we can't explain nor understand - online and offline, in Malaysia and across the globe. It's as though the boundaries of race, age, and gender differences are erased, and we connect simply by sharing a common love for jump. 

We started bringing our ropes everywhere we went, scouting cool locations with rope in hand - hence #JumpAnywhere. Our ropes started conversations and friendships that changed our lives and brought us out from the loneliness of the pandemic. Jumprope to us became an essential of life because of the bond it created for us. It became a lifestyle to us, just as how this group of strangers has become a family.

This, is what's more than a rope. 

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