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Which Rope Should I Get?

PVC or Beaded?

Welcome to the world of Jumprope! Jumprope may be one of the easier sports to get started: all you need is a rope! However, you will soon realise that having the right type of rope can make a world of difference. One of the most discussed topics within the Jumprope Community is choosing the right rope for the sport!

In this article, we would like to help you choose your rope to get started on your jumprope journey!


Beaded Rope

A Beaded Rope is usually made up of a series of one-inch plastic beads strung together on a braided nylon rope. A Beaded Rope is usually heavier & slower than a PVC rope and offers more control - a great choice for beginners.

For freestyle tricks that require you to release one handle and spin the rope in the air before catching it back again such as the Mic Release and Mamba, Beaded Ropes are the way to go.

A Beaded Rope is highly recommended for those who wants to focus on doing freestyle tricks such as footwork, releases and wraps.

Check out our Signature Beaded Series:


PVC Rope

A PVC Rope, as the name suggests, is simply a jumping rope made out of PVC Rope. A PVC Rope is usually lighter than a Beaded Rope and offers greater speed in sacrifice of control.

However, not all PVC Ropes are the same. A good PVC Rope should have a thin nylon core encased inside the PVC, which keeps the PVC from overstretching when it is rotating at high speed. Having a nylon core improves stability and control when in high speed jumping.

A PVC Rope is recommended for those wanting to focus on fast paced footwork, basic cardio, or speedy Double/Triple/Quad Unders.

For a heavier option, opt for our Premium Thick PVC Rope series. Significantly heavier and thicker than our lightweight PVC ropes, this rope offers premium quality and an easier learning experience for beginners. Expect less tangling, slower rotations, and more intense cardio.

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Check out our Premium PVC Series:


Be Versatile

Most jumpers we know own at least one of each type of ropes we mentioned above, because who says you can only be good at one thing? Get one of each type so you can switch between them as you like. You can jump speedily with a PVC rope today and do beautiful wraps with a beaded tomorrow. If you feel up to the challenge, try doing speed with a Beaded Rope!


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