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5 basic skills for beginners

This is my first time jumping rope - where do I start?

The addictive thing about Jumprope is that there's always new skills to learn and refine, and new combos to try out. Here are 5 basic skills you may start with. Once you are comfortable with these moves, be creative and mix it up!


skill #1 basic bounce

This is the first skill that every beginner should master. It's the foundation of all jump moves, and essential to familiarise yourself with the momentum and rhythm of jumping. Heavier ropes such as beaded ropes or thicker PVC's may help control the speed of the rotations, making it easier for learning.

Form Check:

Arms: Try to keep your arms close to your sides, with your elbows bent and pushed back slightly. Use more of your wrists to turn the rope rather than your whole arms.

Body: Keep your torso upright and avoid leaning forward to jump over.

Feet: Keep light on your toes, jumping just high enough to allow the rope to pass through and land gently with knees slightly bent.


skill #2 side swings

Side swings are a great transitional skill to master. It makes transitions between moves appear seamless, while being one of the easiest skills in the jumptionary. You can add them between basic bounces, crosses, releases - and pretty much every other skill.

To perform a side swing, keep your hands close together, using mainly your dominant wrist on top to control the movement, drawing a "figure 8" in air. Keep your chest upright, arms close to your body, and don't forget to continue jumping while you're swinging!


skill #3 alternate jump

Also known as Running skips, alternating your landing foot rather than landing on both feet. This is a great one for speed jumping! Practice single leg jumps first, before progressing to alternate leg jumps. Start slow, and then work your speed up.


skill #4 eb swings

This is a mind tangling one! Be prepared to get a couple rope smacks with this skill. To begin, throw over the rope into a side swing, before crossing one hand to the back while the other stays in front. Use your front wrist to direct the rope out to the other side over your head, while opening your back hand up to repeat the same motion again. Familiarise EB swings on one side first before attempting the other side.

Tip: This skill is perfect for active rest days or low impact jump days!


skill #5 open cross

Mastering the basic cross opens your skillset to a whole new world of cross related tricks. To perform a basic open cross, begin crossing your arms as soon as the rope arch reaches eye level in front of you. Imagine giving yourself a big hug. The more you reach into your cross, the more rope space you will have to jump over. To open the cross, start uncrossing your arms once the rope arch reaches eye level in front of you again. Once you have mastered the cross with your dominant hand on top, try switching hands!

Form Check:

Use your wrists to control the movement, and allow momentum to bring the rope up to the next rotation. Hold the handles by its edges to give you better control. Avoid flailing your arms wide while uncrossing, but keep them close to your body. Keep your body upright and avoid crouching over or kicking back your legs. Key form takeaway: keep your jumps light and tight.

now put them all together!

Combo 1
Combo 2

4 counts Basic Bounce 4 counts Side Swings 4 counts Alternate Jump 4 counts EB Swings 4 counts Open Cross

2 counts Side Swings 2 counts Basic Bounce 2 counts Side Swings 2 counts Basic Bounce 8 counts EB Swings 4 counts Alternate Jump 4 counts Open Cross

Or be creative and mix it up!


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