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4 Ways to Make Your Rope Last Longer

Like most material things in life, your Jumprope may not last forever, but here are 4 ways you can make it last longer.

While Jumprope may subject to wear and tear, proper rope care may help you keep your favourite rope around longer. After all, every rope is personal: it takes time to find the perfect length, the perfect balance and the perfect rope!

Jump on friendly surfaces or mats

Wear and tear happens naturally when you are using your rope often enough, whenever there is friction and heat. Therefore, caring for your rope starts with where you jump on. Try to jump on surfaces that provides sufficient grip for your footing, yet not too rough that it damages your ropes. Smooth concrete or tiled surfaces are highly recommended. Avoid rough and rocky surfaces. Well, unless the scenery makes it worth it.

Alternatively, a jumping mat is a good equipment to carry around and can render any solid surface friendly for your rope. A good jumping mat can soften rope impact when it hits the floor. As added benefit, a good jumping mat provides you with excellent traction for your feet, and reduces impact on your knees and feet when you're jumping. It helps you jump longer and reduces risk of injury.

Use grip tape

The handles of your rope are also subjected to heavy wear and tear, especially when you practice your releases regularly. Knocking and smashing on rough floor surfaces such as gravel damages the handles fairly quickly.

One way to protect your handles is to wrap them for extra endurance against impact. You can wrap just the edges or the entire handle with badminton racquet or handle grip tapes to also provide extra grip for rope handling and catching of releases. Grip tapes can be replaced easily.

Coil your rope properly

When you are done for the day, proper rope storage can help you go a long way. Avoid folding your ropes. Sharp folding angle causes great tension on PVC Rope at folding points, causing it to snap more easily. Sharp folding angles also cause beads to pinch against each other on a Beaded Rope, damaging the beads unnecessarily.

Always coil your rope. Avoid folding the rope before coiling; instead, coil the rope from one end of the handle to the other. Doing so can avoid sharp folding angle and pinching points. Then, hold the coil together with a Velcro strip or a band. All Wings Ropes come with a provided Velcro strip for this purpose. Remember to use them.

Use the bag

As you travel to #JumpAnywhere, keep your coiled rope in a bag or a pouch. It's easy to carry your personal items and your ropes around in a bag and it provides added protection against the elements. Be sure to make full use of the bag that comes with your Wings Rope!

Get Set, Fly!

Now that you know the basic care for your rope, you are ready to take flight. So take your rope out there, spread your Wings and fly!


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